Mary Magdalene and Barbie

In the eye of the Magdalene the mulberry woman sees the split in inner wholeness, but also the possibility of healing the lost connection. Deeply-seated anxiety encapsulates the connection to life, the inner fire.

Oil on canvas board 60 x 50 cm
Oil on canvas board 127 x 70 cm
2003 – 2012

Two women protect the feminine fire, the mother and daughter aspects of the feminine. Together they form the eye of wisdom, the old woman, third of the three goddesses. The mother and daughter are in moon horns, which were the originating idea, ancient symbols of the feminine, also found with the Venus of Laussel, 20,000 – 18,000 B.C.E.[1], related to the old bull ceremonies.

The two women are spinning and emitting in this way green energy. As opposites they are in eternal inner conflict, but also continuously healing the conflict by connecting again; eternally splitting, connecting, splitting, connecting. The Old Woman and the Moon, p. 26

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[1] Buffie Johnson, Lady of the beasts, p. 321