The Zebra-Fish

Life is a mystery. The fish from the deep, looks upon the individual with love; love and modesty reigns, not power and possession.

“This place and period of time is where the opposites meet and may integrate: above and below, white and black, warm blooded and cold blooded, a lengthy and stormy affaire, but it is also the dawn of a new time.

“The image came from a dream, many years ago, during a period of extreme pressure. This enchanted place fascinated me for years, and it took me a very long time to understand how to ‘say’ this. It was my inspiration through many dark-soul nights and the canvas is heavy with a great many layers of paint.

“At center are two strange animals, fantastic animals, from my dream. They live on an island.  The zebrafish has the shape of a duck, with the head of a horse and the body of a fish. Much later it also sprouted a horn as unicorn. The sky is aflame with color and light at dawn. In the foreground at right is a spectator, with the marks of the fish on his face; it is the shaman, or the animus, the connecting figure to the unconscious.

“After years of the meandering way, one has arrived at the edge of the water, a threshold place, and stands in awe before the mystery…” ~ The Old Woman and the Moon, p. 102

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