About the artist

The artist entered the world of art through an unusual experiment with creative play in an attempt to discover the ‘inner other’, treating the canvas consciously as a mirror.

In those early years she had no guidance, but insisted instead on keeping this sacred space free of external influences. This in-between space, the space between heaven and earth, the space visited by shaman and artist alike since the dawn of the human race, is the cradle of all creativity. No serious artwork can be produced without engagement with the sacred side of being, or without a personal struggle with one’s own demons.

Art becomes a mirror image for the viewer to gain insight into the psychic journey of the self, as well as that of the artist, defining the viewer’s aesthetic, emotional engagement with the work.  

~Amanda Botha, Irma Stern Museum 2016


2016: The Old Woman and the Moon, Irma Stern Museum, Cape Town

2017: Dream Now, Dream Not,  group exhibition The Cape Gallery

2018: Stories Of A Life, Breytenbach Centre, Wellington

2018: Surface and Interface, group exhibition, The Cape Gallery: 18 June – 21 July

2019: To Dream the Impossible Dream, group exhibition, The Cape Gallery: 4 – 29 July