The Old Woman and the Moon, an Inner Journey

The old woman and the moon an inner journey

In this well-prepared book, the reader may experience the reality of the psychic world in image. 47 Full page, full color pictures delight one, weaving the thread of deeper meaning to and fro across 25 years. Descriptions are multi-layered and instructive of the underlying creative and psychic processes. Additional information supports the reader in the form of appendixes, for example Alchemy as an ancient process. Mythology is used to amplify the deeper meaning of some works.

Soft cover – full color, fully illustrated | 112pp | 2016 | 21 x 26 cm | ISBN 978-0-620-69601-2

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The Old Woman and the Moon: After years of relating to the deeper images of my life, inner truth comes together and tells it’s own story. In this book I have attempted to penetrate to the essential truth of each work and to follow the thread of meaning as it weaves through these deeper images of my life. The Old Woman represents the psychological foundation of my life, sending me the image-messages. The moon is her celestial aspect. The Mulberry Woman is the aspect of my personality who undertook the inner journey. By following her I discovered the important role players in my life, and later I discovered that she showed me the alchemical tools which would help me to assimilate the content. Although I discovered all of this through my creative work, it was not until I entered analysis that I could begin to make it my own.

“This is a book depicting the depth journey of individuation, over a twenty five year period, of images depicting this process of transformation. It illustrates the remarkable capacity of the psyche to reveal in images the inner process of becoming a more integrated human being. This book offers a rare glimpse into how the human psyche of one individual, who is willing to engage in a depth therapy process, is capable of transforming.”

John Gosling, Jungian Analyst, Cape Town, SA