Split femininity

In SPLIT FEMININITY, MARY MAGDALENE AND BARBIE (1992, reworked 2004) we see two women in two moon crescents. The two women are mother and daughter: in this image, the mother represents the basic psychological pattern and structure of the personality, while the daughter is the life manifesting from this structure as real lived life and… Continue reading Split femininity

Psyche in Art

When I started painting I was fascinated by the process of projecting unconscious content and finding it to be meaningful. Early in my work I realized that psychological insight was often followed by the spontaneous solving of artistic problems. The psyche is alive! I discovered that the images appearing before my mind’s eye will continue… Continue reading Psyche in Art

The Rhizome

This image is made up of a large flower growing out of a stone, with a rainbow ring around it. The flower is an Iceland poppy, which is a delicate spring-flower. The opening up of this flower is particularly wonderful: a large pod suddenly bursts and then, before your astonished eyes, the flower unfolds, almost… Continue reading The Rhizome

The Way

The way I follow and the seeking is like a pregnancy. My modern life is contained by an ancient pattern of growth and becoming. Nine women are following one after the other. It is the nine stages of the Way, simulating a pregnancy. They are on their way towards the burning water, the integration of… Continue reading The Way

Beauty and Art

Early in my creative explorations I came across an article in the National Geographic about research pointing to the fact that the mind reads balance as beauty. This experience of beauty became central to my approach and was what I aimed for. I believed that my images had to be ‘healed’ or balanced in some… Continue reading Beauty and Art

The Bundle

One accepts one’s dependency on God or a  Greater Power and one learns to revere life. I made this rather hastily and carelessly, with the outbreak of the war in the Middle-East in 2003. In my mind was a piece of wood and the idea of carving a pattern. The name announced itself: The bundle,… Continue reading The Bundle

The Zebra-Fish

Life is a mystery. The fish from the deep, looks upon the individual with love; love and modesty reigns, not power and possession. “This place and period of time is where the opposites meet and may integrate: above and below, white and black, warm blooded and cold blooded, a lengthy and stormy affaire, but it… Continue reading The Zebra-Fish

Mary Magdalene and Barbie

In the eye of the Magdalene the mulberry woman sees the split in inner wholeness, but also the possibility of healing the lost connection. Deeply-seated anxiety encapsulates the connection to life, the inner fire. Two women protect the feminine fire, the mother and daughter aspects of the feminine. Together they form the eye of wisdom,… Continue reading Mary Magdalene and Barbie


“The mercurial sun-child steals my fire and drops my lire into the sea. The sun-child is the voice of my deepest truth, the voice of nature which is confronting me all the time. “The sun-child ruled out of the deeply seated primeval chaos of my life, disturbing me to pay attention to things I wanted… Continue reading Sun-Child

The Ochre Line

The seed of the tree falls in the dark earth. Painfully it breaks open and grows towards the light, the higher principle. Growing is a heaping up of small things, through many moments of struggling, fighting the Holy Wind, the formative powers, to find meaning in life, building awareness one step at a time, until… Continue reading The Ochre Line