Psyche and Art

Wilna van der Walt is a Capetonian artist. She is focused on the inner symbolic image. In her work the psyche is approached as a living reality and the unfolding of her inner journey can be traced over time. Wilna views the creative space as the sacred space between above and below. In this approach the canvas becomes a living mirror reflecting meaningful inner truth.

“In Wilna van der Walt’s work she gives expression to the inner consciousness of healing powers that find expression in the creative fervency. Here it has to do with the activation of the practice of art to stimulate the subconscious to find expression in an image and a striving for purification. She opens herself to tell her story on canvas within the rich chaos of inner perceptions. Her palette becomes the medium and her canvas the reportage of her psychic journey, and the answer to her continuous inner dialogue. Each of these paintings has its own life – a part of the greater puzzle of truths that form part of a wider cosmic understanding.”

Amanda Botha, Art Critic

It illustrates the remarkable capacity of the psyche to reveal in images the inner process of becoming a more integrated human being.

John Gosling, Jungian Analyst


The CG Jung Foundation, New York, published an article on Wilna’s work in their Winter edition of 2020. Her work, The Bridge, was featured on the cover page. Read more.


The Zebra-fishes, Vision of the Sangoma, oil on canvas on board, originated from a dream. View a variety of artwork in different styles, tracing Wilna’s inner journey over time.


In the books section, more information about the meaningful content of the work is to be found in The Old Woman and the Moon and Die Zebravis. Read sections of the books or a review.

Psyche and Art inner journey

Irma Stern Museum

The exhibition at the Irma Stern Museum in Cape Town, 2016, depicted an inner journey spanning 25 years and was opened by Amanda Botha, art journalist. Read more.